Winchester Cooperative Theatre welcomes you!

The Winchester Cooperative Theatre for Children was founded in 1979 to provide elementary school children with the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive theatrical experience. In 1990 the program expanded to include a middle school production.

We believe that children deserve professionalism in their exposure to theatre. Our staff consists of accomplished dramatic coaches, musicians, choreographers, stage, costume and lighting designers who support the children as they develop to their fullest potential.

Throughout their experience, the children are encouraged to reach a level of performance far beyond that which is typically expected of their age group. We are dedicated to helping children feel good about themselves, gain poise, and reach their own personal level of excellence.

The Winchester Cooperative Theatre is a non-profit organization which is financially supported by tuitions, ticket revenues and donations to the Friends of the Cooperative Theatre.

Auditions are coming for Bye Bye Birdie!

The fall show is open to Winchester students in grades 6,7,8. Auditions will be held at McCall School auditorium on Tuesday, September 15 and Thursday, September 17 from 3:00 - 5:30.  Bye Bye Birdie is the story of a rock and roll singer about to be inducted into the army.There is a nationwide contest to see who will be the all American teenage girl who will get a chance to bid him goodbye. Conrad Birdie comes to an all American town just like Winchester to meet her. The entire town goes crazy and on and on the story goes!  It is a great musical with lots of fun parts to be enjoyed by the entire cast as much as the audience.

Students need to attend only 1 day of auditions.  Students should prepare a 1-minute monologue or poem for the drama portion of the audition. Props are not required, but can be used. Students should also prepare the first verse of "My Country 'Tis of Thee" for the music portion of the audition and come dressed comfortably for the dance portion of the audition.  Mrs. A looks forward to seeing you!